Load Spike Monitor

Below is a script that can be used to send a plethora of information to an email address when a LINUX computer/server experiences a specific load average. The instructions are found within; make sure to set your email address, commands to send, etc.

If you want CPU temperatures and whatever else, you can add that. You'll see a commented out option for "ipmitool sdr type Temp" which requires you to install impitools. Also, another commented out line using "lynx" would send server-status information from Apache so long as it's enabled in httpd.conf.


# Prints out output for PS and whatever else you want emailed to you should

# your server have issues. ie: apache server-status, uptime, etc...


# Just modify and add a cronjob. I recommend every 3 minutes.

# Define Logfile


# Define and log the process causing the load at the time.


# Obtain the server load

loadavg=`uptime |cut -d , -f 4|cut -d : -f 2`

thisloadavg=`echo $loadavg|awk -F \. '{print $1}'`

# Set the threshold load minimum where report generates.

# Example: currently a load >10 will have the report generate.

if [ "$thisloadavg" -ge "10" ]; then

date >> $PSFILE

ps auxfww >> $PSFILE

date >> $LOGFILE

# Issue the command of choice. This can be any shell command.

touch /tmp/killphp.txt

ps auxfww >> /tmp/killphp.txt

# ipmitool sdr type Temp >> /tmp/killphp.txt

# lynx --dump http://website.tld/server-status >> /tmp/killphp.txt

# Send Mail To Systems Admins When Killall Executes.

SUBJECT="load overload"


# This is a temp file created for the email message....


echo "server has high load right now." >> $MESSAGE

echo "Time: `date`" >> $MESSAGE

mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$TO" < $MESSAGE